The Right Side Of The Law


Times are changing, and Kenyan households are headed for a slight bend in the road as our national social security services provider moves to enforce a law requiring them to make social protection contributions for domestic workers.

All in all, when well executed, a strong statutory compliant relationship brings benefits to all the parties involved. So as the debate – and individual employers – rage on, our job here at Dash2Do is simple… keep you on the right side of the law by ensuring you’re registered (…well ahead of their looming deadline!)

The process takes some time but it’s not anywhere near as daunting as it may first appear…



Step I – Head on over to your nearest NSSF branch office and request for the requisite form. Alternatively, download and print our the available copy from their website.

Step II – Fill out accordingly, attach a copy of your KRA PIN certificate and National ID/Passport and submit back to your nearest/preferred branch.

Step III – On the scheduled date, make your way back to the same branch – this time remember to bring a copy of your househelp’s ID. As you to receive your acknowledgement letter which contains your individual employer code, submit his/her ID copy and they’ll feed it into their system under your code.

See? Simple really.

 😉 We know it’s time consuming, so why not let one of our Dashers do it for you!

Visit to make your simple task booking today!


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