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How Dash2Do Began

I believe that many of Africa’s problems can be solved through creation of income generating opportunities, but jobs are limited by the pace at which companies and markets can grow. Internet and mobile technology has changed the world and offers an opportunity to solve this problem and create work at an exponentially faster rate than traditional companies can.

Going through University in U.K, part time jobs were easy to find, whenever I needed money I’d just pop down to the careers center, pick a temporary job and do it for a few weeks.

This was very different from studying at Kenyan universities and colleges where part time jobs are not available because the economy doesn’t even have enough jobs for the working class. Many kids struggle through with no money, some drop out and others resort to undesirable and illegal acts to to make it through.

Shortly after returning home I started a cabinetry business – Foresight Interiors – with my primary aim being to create as many jobs as I could. We now employ 160 people, mostly skilled carpenters who came to us because of the higher than market rates we pay and the respectful and easygoing culture we have.

This brought me to another realization that where in developed countries a plumber, carpenter or electrician can make a very decent living, in developing countries, trades-people barely scratch a living. Dash2Do is therefore an attempt to make a difference to students and trades-people, while itself being a scalable and sustainable business.

People post small tasks to be done either on computer on their mobile. We then broadcast the details via mobile to our network of students and trades-people (Dashers). One of our Dashers usually accepts within 5 minutes and gets it done. We then automatically debit the customers account and credit the dashers account.

A simple, two-fold solution. Offering Kenyans the convenience of a Personal Assistant/Concierge service (at an affordable cost) and simultaneously generating work for an entire league of enterprising young adults.

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– Sam Wanjohi , Founder/CEO